The birth of things is an idea, and we are here to make your ideas a reality.

We are not only a supplier, but above all a partner for our clients. We are constantly working to ensure that each of our products or services will save you costs compared to common products on the market.



We think and act practically. Our new ideas and suggestions for improvement have often saved a lot of time and money. Benefit from our expertise right from the start of the development process.

We have a team of technicians ready to help you with any problem. Consultations are also available online upon request.


We understand development as a process with the aim of bringing a new product to market. In our solutions, we always strive for a shorter production time, a higher utility value or a reduction in the customer’s costs. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimize your parts and processes.

We provide modeling or remodeling of the part with subsequent 3D printing and mold-flow analysis.


A mere 3D display on your computer monitor is not always enough to verify a design.

Avoid costly mistakes thanks to visual, buildable or functional prototypes that help prevent inconveniences before the tool starts production.

For a relatively small amount of money spent now, you can save a lot of money in the future.


Our design department uses a top CAD/CAM software system for development and construction.

We also carefully analyze the possible occurrence and effect of defects (FMEA). As standard, we carry out creep and deformation checks followed by optimization using software analyzes and many years of experience.



The specialization of the KP – KOPRO’s tool shop is the production of injection molds.

We have many years of experience in the production of molds and parts for technically demanding fields. We manufacture injection molds with a maximum size of 800 x 700 x 700 mm and a weight of up to 3.5 tons.

Productivity and accuracy are a significant part of our company’s DNA. We always strive for the highest quality and accuracy with the most gentle approach to resources.


Maintenance and service of injection molds are essential to preserve the long-term functionality and life of the molds. In addition to mold warranty service, we also offer our and potential customers the implementation of regular preventive and predictive maintenance.

Availability, quick help and transparency form the basis of our excellent service.


We offer precision machining from prototype to series. Thanks to automated 5-axis machining, we produce in 24/7 mode. In this way, we can remain competitive in the long term and achieve the necessary high quality of our parts. In this way, we perfectly meet your high requirements for accuracy.


CNC milling

We use 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers on which we machine ferrous and non-ferrous workpieces with high precision in continuous automated operation.

CNC electro-erosive machining (EDM)

Using small discharges, we machine objects with maximum precision. Thanks to the pallet system and automation, we can produce efficiently and with high quality.

CNC EDM wire cutting (W-EDM)

Thanks to electroerosion cutting technology, we can cut any conductive material using brass wires and an electric discharge. We use this controlled process especially to achieve high dimensional accuracy, or where other CNC machining methods are no longer sufficient.


Classics – even in today’s age of modern CNC machines, classic conventional machines have their place here.

For example, with our horizontal boring machine and cannon drills, we can easily drill holes to a depth of more than one meter.


In our molding shop, we produce plastic parts from thermoplastic materials on modern injection machines with a size of 35-500 tons of closing force with the possibility of injecting plastic parts weighing up to 1,700 g.

Injection machines are equipped with control systems and the necessary peripherals for reliable and stable process control.

The company KP – KOPRO stands as a supplier of the „everything under one roof“ nature in the field of production of injected plastic parts competently at the side of its customers from the development of parts to their delivery.

We always offer our customers the most economically and technologically advantageous solution in the highest quality, supported by a quality management system.


Do you need to find out the dimensional quality of your parts? We will help you.

In our company, we measure, for example, manufactured parts of workpieces and injection molds, components, but also plastic parts.

The check of the dimensions according to the technical documentation is supported by the output protocol from the 3D measuring center.


We offer and carry out simple and complex assemblies and sub-assemblies from manufactured plastic parts and purchased components.


Ultrasonic welding

We will provide you with a high-quality, non-dismantling connection of plastic parts thanks to ultrasonic welding technology.


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