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Injection MOLDS

We love the formwork, which shows at first glance that it is made with great care and experienced professionals. We mainly manufacture molds for plastic injection, which require a singular approach and a unique solution. We supply them to various industries, from automotive to the electrical industry.


Need to verify that a part fits your assembly before investing in a serial mold? Or do you only need dozens or hundreds of plastic parts? Then this solution is the right choice for you.



  • Short delivery time
  • Low initial cost


  • Higher price of plastic parts
  • Lower mold life


Do you need plastic parts in smaller series from a few hundred to several thousand pieces and at the same time you don’t want to invest in relatively expensive series molds? No problem, we have a solution for you in the form of our universal frames, and all you have to do is invest in shaped inserts and parts.



  • Short delivery time
  • Low initial cost


  • Higher price of plastic parts
  • Lower mold life


Without compromise. We know that precision and quality in all production phases are the basic prerequisites for a well-functioning and long-term mold. So if you need an efficient production tool that can produce hundreds of thousands to millions of moldings, we will be happy to make a mass production mold directly tailored to meet your specific requirements.



  • Low price of plastic parts
  • High mold life


  • Longer delivery date
  • Higher initial costs



We consider a thorough understanding of your project to be the most important part of the entire manufacturing process. We ask. We ask again. And we ask again. How many times on the same thing, but always from a different point of view.

Project preparation

Technical consultation regarding part design, injection mold concept and customer requirements for part quality and quantity.

Mold development

Modeling or remodeling of the part with subsequent 3D printing and moldflow analysis.

Mold construction

Development and construction of an injection mold in the CAD/CAM system.

Injection mold production

Production of the injection mold itself in our own tool shop, which takes 4-12 weeks, considering the complexity and number of cavities.

Mold sampling

We test the functionality of the molds in our injection molding shop. The output is the plastic parts handed over to the customer, including the sampling protocol.


Subsequent possible correction of the injection mold.

Handover of the tool

The mold is transferred to our injection molding center, where serial production is carried out for the customer. Alternatively, our cooperation is already successfully over and the molds is properly packed and delivered to the destination.


With our products, production will be greatly simplified for you, whether it is in the area of inspection, machining, assembly, etc.

We will help, design and efficiently manufacture inspection fixtures that will help you to have a flawless exit or inter-operation inspection.

However, you do not have to rely solely on the results of the inspection. The process can be simplified even during production itself thanks to our assembly or machining fixtures.


We can provide:

  • control fixtures,
  • control gauges,
  • assembly fixtures,
  • machining fixtures,
  • and other types.


Thermoplastic, no other material requires so much experience and knowledge from technologists and adjusters. It takes years for newcomers to master its characteristics.

We use this material both because of its production properties, but also because of the possibility of repeatedly recycling it. Protecting our environment is important to us, which is why we like to use the opportunity to produce products of ordinary and unusual shapes and sizes from thermoplastic.


We manufacture and supply precise quality technical plastic parts for almost all industries.

The products from this section represent a wide spectrum of use in many applications, from the endless selection of color shades and mechanical properties.

We place maximum emphasis on the quality of processing and delivery


Thin-walled plastic parts are mainly packaging. These must be produced in very short cycles. This requires perfect process and technology in every step.

The wall thickness of the plastic parts ranges from 0.35 mm. With cycle times of around 5 seconds, it is therefore necessary to perform each step precisely.

We can press the labels directly into the plastic parts in one pressing step, which saves additional costs. We use IML technology not only for the food industry.


Consumable plastic parts, like technical plastic parts, represent a wide range of uses in many applications, from the endless selection of color shades and mechanical properties.

You have probably already encountered one of our products in your life. Either in the form of a component to control blinds or perhaps a buckle for a backpack.


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